nedjelja, 16. listopada 2011.


Dear handweaving friends !
I will show you some of my handweaving works so be free with your comments.
look like a tree isn't it...
golden chocolate......
in one piece ....
poppies in frame
litttle angel.....

So that is some of my works......enjoyed.

subota, 8. listopada 2011.


Welcome to my blog dear handweaving friends.
First of all let me say that I am weaver until 1989. In the beginning there is so much unknown things for me
because in my country there are only a peasantwoman who make stuff for family.
So I decide go to workshop and learn about weaving. Luckily my dear friend Greta sent me books and I started to  upgrade my knowledge.
Today I teach many students on my workshop.
Shortly I enjoy in my handweaving as I enjoy  to carry over knowledge to other people.